What Not to Do When Playing Golf

No one can become a great golfer instantly. Everyone would need to take certain actions to achieve better technique or understanding of golf. Of course, the majority of mistakes are not critical and can be fixed pretty easily. But knowing about the common errors of others may seriously help you with avoiding them. While you cannot be prepared for everything, being aware of the most general faults is useful and even necessary. To help you with that, we will now present you with 5 golf mistakes you should avoid.

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Neglecting warmup. Warmup is crucial in every sport, and every successful athlete knows that. No one can just get up from their workplace and instantly start to play golf. Think about it – would your body be ready for performing full-range swings? The answer is no. Such specific motion as the swing cannot be performed efficiently without warmup.

Do warmup and take practice shots before the game. That way, you will prepare both your muscles/joints and nervous system for the whole range of swings. Stretching is another important aspect of warmup as stiff muscles won’t let you reach your peak performance. Besides, you could even get injured.

Using your hands only. The strength of your hands is insufficient for delivery of enough power for taking long-range shots. Every skilled golfer knows that the whole body works during every swing. Furthermore, if you work with only your hands, you risk injuring them as they will be subject to excessive load. Using the whole body de-loads individual joints and muscles and puts an even strain on them, allowing you to avoid injury.

Undervaluing the importance of coaches. You will probably not be able to learn playing golf yourself. Moreover, we actually strongly advise you to learn the technique of golf under the supervision of a certified coach. Initially, you won’t be able to identify your mistakes and weaknesses and take measures to fix them. That’s when the experience of a coach comes into play. He or she can help you develop the very basic movement patterns of golf. But even after you are done with basics, you should not avoid learning more. Keep in mind that you will need a coach at least until you are capable of noticing and resolving form issues yourself.

Fighting against the wind. An experienced golfer knows that wind is not an enemy but a friend. Playing without it is indeed easier, but if you face strong wind during the game, you shouldn’t think about combating against it. Instead, you should account for its direction and strength and make adjustments to your shot. Sometimes, wind can even make your shots much easier!

Forgetting about diet. Every athlete realizes the importance of diet. You should do so as well. Think about it, where does your body receive resources to recover from and what energy sources does it use? The answer is simple – all that can be found in what we eat. If you don’t want to observe the fall of your performance, you should research what diets are for and what products you should eat.

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